Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Anne, Steve, and I met at Convict Lake for a tour up the Convict Creek drainage and a possible attempt at the summit of Mt. Baldwin.
This is the early morning view across frozen Convict Lake to Mt. Morrison and "Mini Morrison."
The Pinner Couloir looked filled in without significant avalanche debris. This is the exit.
Mini Pinner looked good too.
We tried to climb up out of the main valley towards Bright Dot Lake, but a short, steep section with firm windboard snow turned us around. An ice axe and perhaps boot crampons would be quite helpful for traveling in the high country now.

Anne turned around while Steve and I headed on up canyon to Mildred Lake.
This view of Mt. Baldwin appeared as we skinned up the broad valley.
Red Slate Mountain wore a fascinating cloud veil for a bit as the weather cleared.
This is the fine, unnamed peak south of Mt. Baldwin.
As the clouds parted, the temperature increased dramatically, so in the interest of safety and ease of travel we headed back.
The skiing in the canyon was kinda fun on softened windboard.
Below the mouth of the canyon the snow was mostly rotten, but not nearly as taxing as we had feared.

Although we had not come anywhere near our original goal, we still had a great outing thanks to the amazing scenery and the good cheer of our team.

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