Saturday, January 29, 2011

Huarte Creek

Today was the last day of our crazy warm spell, so Anne and I looked for winter corn in one of the huge south facing chutes of Huarte Creek in Pine Creek.

This fine, bold spire greeted us early on in the climb.
Anne slogs on through the narrows.
Up, up, up!
The sheer, rugged granite landscape was amazing.
This is a view from the upper part of the chute south towards Mt. Tom (right) and the Owens Valley (left).
Anne makes her way through one of the steep rollovers.
The snow in the uppermost part of the chute was not completely cooked but skied alright. The rest of the chute consisted of classic Sierra corn and skied quite well.
Good turns were had all the way down.
Nice to get a big, warm day in the hills.

Now we return to winter.
Just hope it starts snowing again!


Jed said...

Excellent! That's such a classic drainage/chute/canyon! Prolly my favorite non-guidebook run. I'm bummed I didn't hassle you to tag along, but I did get some quality r and r and business done today.

LT said...