Sunday, January 2, 2011

Red Mountain

I joined Dave, Trisha, and Anne for a tour up Red Mountain near Tom's Place. The north side of Red is a vast series of glades, bowls and chutes easily accessible from Crowley Lake Drive.

Here are Dave and Anne heading up just above the parking area. We skied the open glades to the right of the avalanche chute on the right.
Anne skins up under darkening skies.
For the most part the skiing was great in about a foot or more of settled and recrystallized powder, although there were areas of crust which was usually, but not always, supportable.

Here's Dave enjoying some of the good stuff.
All in all, another fine outing!

Avalanche concerns were minimal here. The wind slabs were occasionally hollow sounding, but we could not get them to budge with stomping or ski cuts. There were no shooting cracks or whumping. Small (6" to 8") crowns were observed high up in the glades near the ridge which appeared to have occurred during the last storm cycle.

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