Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mt Aggie

Last week I hatched the idea of a car shuttle tour starting at Convict Lake, up to Mt Aggie, then down into the McGee Creek drainage. We ended up skiing the SE side of McGee instead, but ran into some other folks who had in fact executed that exact tour with rave reviews, so Simon, Steve and I gave it a shot today.

We hiked up a nice boot track to the top of the moraine above Convict, then skinned up above Tobacco Flat to the North ridge of Mt. Aggie.
The skinning was a bit tricky/frustrating on the firm windboard until we reached the more even ground of the ridge. Ski crampons would have been helpful.

Steve (l) and Simon (r) skin up on the ridge with Old Man's Bowl behind (see last Saturday's blog).
We booted up the last few hundred feet to the north (lower) summit.
We arrived at the top and chatted up some friends who happened to share the same vision for the day.

Then we skied down this fantastic drainage for at least 3,000'.


We enjoyed good to very good corn skiing the entire beautiful descent.

And now back to our regularly scheduled February powder skiing - I hope!

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