Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Old Man's Bowl

Last Saturday Mary and I were joined by our friends Simon and Dori for a ski tour out of Convict Lake to Old Man's Bowl and, ultimately, the summit of Mini-Morrison.

We booted all the way which was a bit tedious at the beginning, but pleasant from the top of the moraine onward.
Dori and Mary near the top of Old Man's Bowl.
We left our packs for the short stroll to the summit of Mini-Morrison while the true Mt. Morrsion loomed behind.
Summit shenanigans.

There was just enough warmth from the sun to soften the north side of Old Man's Bowl, providing decent skiing conditions up there.
Lower down firm, but edgeable, windboard with occasional patches of wind drift was surprisingly fun to ski.

Apres' ski was incredibly pleasant with warm temps and cold beer.

Mary enjoys her beverage with the summit towering behind her.
Soaking rays!
This one felt especially fun!

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