Thursday, February 10, 2011

Southeast side of McGee

Finally getting around to updating this!

Last Sunday Anne, Steve, and I skied the southeast side of Mt. McGee.

We started from the bottom of the McGee Creek road, near 395, and skinned up to an old mining road, which we followed to the base of a nice looking drainage.

From the bottom we could see that the snow was continuous and appeared to end up near the summit.

Sadly it ended up close to 1500' below the summit, but provided excellent corn skiing all the way down.

The best route up was on the ridge to the west of the gully.
Steve skis the upper slopes with Esha Canyon behind.
The smooth, wide open slope in the lower section was nothing but smile inducing perfecto corn.
How long will this winter corn skiing continue?
I just hope spring is as good as this!

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