Thursday, March 17, 2011

Habeggar's South

Went for an quick early morning tour out of Habeggar's (South Fork Bishop Creek) with my friends Nemo and Brian.

Had planned on skiing corn in Maggot Bowl, but clouds were hanging over the crest and the winds seemed strong over there, so we looked for old, soft powder in the trees.

We skinned up the steep gully just south of the Habeggar glades to the top of a small knob with nice views.

Found very small pockets of soft snow, but almost everything was sun affected.
Fortunately the sun affected snow was generally supportable, so it was kinda skiable.

Popped into Habeggar's proper and out the old road - which had several dry spots.

Despite the rather poor conditions everyone had fun.

The South Fork road appears to be plowed.
I heard that it's one, narrow lane all the way to the dam, but not sure of that.
Looks like they are trying to keep traffic out for now with a heavy steel sign blocking entry.
Could be a good time for a bike and ski if you are so inclined!

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