Friday, March 4, 2011


My wife, Mary, has a tough time with ski boots and lately she's been working to get her AT boots tolerable for touring. Simon modified her liners last week, so we were eager to see how well they would work.

Habeggar's seemed like a good idea since she could bail easily if her feet were killing her and the skiing is dependably good.

The day was perfect with mild temps and almost no wind.

These gullies on Table Mountain were definitely cross loaded, but we saw only a few small cornice breaks and no evidence of slab avalanches.
Mary's boots were much improved although a new problem area appeared. Here she is enjoying the nice powder in the glades.
Anne and Mary ready for run #2.
The snow skied fast, so even these low angle slopes were a hoot.
The snow was still light and cold for the most part, but there was a pesky sun crust out in the flats and on the aspects that were more west. Wind was not a factor in the glades, but outside on the approach slopes the wind had pretty much wrecked the snow.

There were a few areas of wind slab that were hollow sounding (low angle, thin slabs), but we did not experience any collapsing or cracking.

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Looking good Mary!