Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Got out last Saturday with my buddies Anne, Steve, and Darren and took a tour up towards Lamarck Col. I was fairly optimistic we'd have a good shot at some nice powder skiing up in the alpine zone. Turns out I was a bit too optimistic as the winds had worked their evilness on the snow up high.

The wind packed snow was skiable though, and we did get a nice dose or two of powder lower down in the trees. The scenery was amazing and we had the added excitement of very strong winds up high.

Seems like I always take this pic from this spot - and I always like it. Fool's Ridge.
The view up from Grass Lake. Our ultimate destination was around the back of the flat topped peaklet on the right.
Nearing treeline -still nice powder here.
Then the camera crapped out!
Every picture turned out totally white.

We had a good time - or at least I did, and I think the others did.

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