Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lime Canyon

Got up early for a dawn patrol outing today before work.

Lime Canyon is off the Onion Valley Road, low down near the campgrounds.

I seriously questioned my choice to go there once I arrived at the trailhead.
There was very little snow and it looked like I would be booting for a long while before I even started skinning.

Fortunately I persevered.
After 20 minutes of mildly irritating booting I started skinning.
Ten more minutes and I found myself at the bottom of a bowl.

Didn't look like much.
Maybe 500', wasn't sure it was worth it.
Turned out to be close to 1,200'.
Definitely worth it!

The morning light was great.

This is Independence Peak rising over the bowl.
Nothing but boot top recrystallized powder!
Independence Peak from the top of the run.
The first run.
After the second run (click to enlarge).
The view from near the trailhead.
The bowl is the large snow field left of center.
What a great way to start the day.
Work was a breeze after that!

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LT said...

Looks beautiful!