Monday, April 4, 2011

Hilton Lakes Area 2

I had such a fantastic day Saturday I decided to head back to the same area Sunday. This time I was joined by Nemo and Steve.

A quick moving storm came through overnight leaving brisk air which was good for the snowpack after the last several days of very warm temps.

We headed to the next valley west of yesterday's route, up around the North face of Mt Huntington.
That north face holds this beautiful, steep chute.Looking over the maps the night before I noticed a peak with a broad south east facing bowl tucked back on the Sierra Crest. When it finally came into view we made it our destination.
After skinning up the majority of the slope Nemo was pooped, but Steve set about booting to the summit at an impressive pace.

Celebration was definitely in order.
This is the view to the northwest with Red Slate Mountain back left and Mt Stanford mid field right.
Steve admires the peaks to our south including the Bear Creek Spire area (dark right), Mt Gabb (far right).
Basically the same shot with Steve on skis about to drop into the huge bowl.
Zooming out of the canyon with our descent slope far right.
This was the best view of the peak from our approach.
I joked around with the guys on the way in, telling them this was the best Sierra ski peak that no one knows about, which of course was a bit of a stretch.

One of many incredible Sierra ski peaks that very few know about would be a more appropriate.

Whatever you want to call it, we sure enjoyed spending the day on its slopes and reaching its summit.

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