Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mammoth Crest

Last Thursday into Friday we were blessed with a very cold spring storm which left between one and two feet of excellent snow at the upper elevations of the Mammoth Crest.

Feeling ambitious, we decided to ski Hammil Chute - one of the more aesthetic lines in the area.
Anne breaks trail up Hammil bowl where we attained the crest.
Steve performed the booting duties the last 200' or so.
A short hike/wallow along the crest brought us to the entrance to the chute.
The snow in the upper half of the chute was wind sculpted, firm, but edgeable. The uppermost section required a little steep side slipping.
Better skiing was found lower down.
And incredible skiing was found out on the lower slopes above Hammil Lake.
The skiing there was so good, we headed back up and took another run - just as the weather turned.
Phenomenal stuff!!!!

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