Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alaska Pt 2, Girls Mountain

The next day we awoke to another incredibly beautiful day and headed back up to Thompson Pass for a day on Girls Mountain.

This is Girls from the highway. We would head up the Worthington Glacier (left), then across the front of the peak to the right, around and to the summit.
This was my first experience traveling on a large glacier and I was duly impressed.

Here the crew heads to the toe of the glacier.
John heads up with an ice fall to the left.
Travel was relaxing on the smooth, gently sloped glacier.
This is the view back to the previous day's arena.
Huge terrain! That tiny dot is one of us.
We eventually left the glacier and headed up benches on soft, moist snow.

Here are Steve and John skin along with the highway below.
We traversed around to the north side of the mountain and climbed a short, steep section to the summit.

Jed heads for the sky & the summit.
Jed was on the video and when he asked for volunteers to go first, I was not shy!

This is a frame grab from the video he took. Sweet!
He also got this nice shot of me descending the huge slope below.
John shreds the lower slopes. We descended from the notch just right of skyline.

The snow in the lower half of the nearly 2,500' run was especially good.

Jed descends goodness to the glacier below.
We had the fortune of following another group's skin track up and out of this valley to a ridge above the Worthington Glacier.

We found mostly pleasant skiing down to the glacier and fun, corn skiing on the glacier itself.

Jed caught John shredding the toe of the glacier.
An absolutely terrific day!!!

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