Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alaska, The Tour, Day 5 , Outta Here

We awoke to about 6" of new snow and clearing skies providing more stunning scenery.

It made for real fun skiing on the low angle slopes between benches.

One is definitely not like the others. Halibut Head behind.
Eventually we ended up on a snow machine trail known to us as The Swath.

It was nice not to have to bush whack BUT the cut ends of the small trees and brush were now sticking out of the snow and scared the heck out of us.
Things got even more fun lower down.
We came out of the woods and off the trail at the mouth of Wortmann's Creek and then hiked the cobbled stream beds back towards the highway.
The obligatory stream crossing was no problem.
Twenty minutes or so later we were back to the highway hungry, weary, and happy to be back safe and sound.

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