Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Onion Valley

Since returning from Alaska I've been laid a little low by a cold I picked up on the plane up to Anchorage. I ignored it during our tour, but probably paid later.

I am finally feeling over it and the urge to ski could not be restrained any more!

Winter is hanging on here in a serious way, but a break in the action was forecast for this morning, so I headed up bright and early.

The north side of Independence Peak at first light. The chockstone in the couloir is still nearly buried!
I quickly arrived at Robinson Lake. The scene above towards University Col was not exactly inviting, so I headed south east from the Lake to check out a nice looking ramp.

Looking up towards University Col from Robinson Lake.
This is the view back towards Independence Peak from near my high point.
After some fairly straightforward skinning I found myself at the top of a most beautiful ramp.

It was a great run (click to enlarge).
The skiing was quite good with 6" to 10" of new, light snow over a firm crust. I did hit the crust occasionally up high, but once down in the shade rarely.

In the valley the skiing was even better with no crust felt at all until the last exit slope.
Man I needed that!


Oliver said...

It seems as if many times you are taking pictures where you are not in it. I was wondering if you tour alone or always with soemone.


Scott E said...

I do tour alone. I do not believe it is as safe as touring with partners, but there is a heightened sense of awareness and risk aversion that somewhat mitigates the increased risk of going solo. I also carry a Spot emergency locator.

Olivier said...

Thanks for the response . I tour alone myself and it always seems that I am much more conservative on route selection and what I can do when I go alone. Everyone gives me a hard time for going solo but I enjoy it. My next purchase actually is to get a SPOT.