Friday, June 17, 2011

Tioga Pass

Cycling not skiing!

I joined Anne, Nemo, Hallie and Dori to ride into Yosemite National Park from the top of Tioga Pass.

Each year, just before the pass opens to auto traffic, the Park Service allows cyclists to ride into the park.

Anne was positively giddy about the ride.

There is still a ton of snow, most of which was just beginning to get sun cupped.Hallie and Nemo only a few hours after becoming engaged!
Dori stops for photos with Lembert dome behind.
Nemo descends near Olmstead Point.
Several nice small waterfalls were spotted along the way.
Dori and Domes!
The newly engaged enjoyed the warmth and the late Porter at the pass.
Lots of skiers up there too and the general consensus was the skiing was good, especially the north facing chutes.. Talked to some folks who reported the entrance to Solstice Couloir was easier than ever. Hmmm. Might have to think about strappin' on the sticks!

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