Monday, June 27, 2011

Mono County Riding

I guess it is official. Ski season is over for me!

I've been doing a lot of riding, which isn't nearly as fun to blog about, but I'll try to keep things going here.

Although we are still mourning the loss of our beloved friend Porter, we are getting out and having as much fun as we can.

Last weekend we fled the heat of the Owens Valley for the cool mountain air of Mono County.

Saturday I rode the June Lake loop, which was in very fine form with big waterfalls, wild flowers starting to show, and incredibly lush vegetation.

This is the north face of Carson Peak, with the raging Horsetail Falls lower center right (click to enlarge)
Devil's slide still looks skiable with only a short hike.
Grant Lake was brimming full next to one of my favorite stretches of road.Then on Sunday Mary, Hallie, Anne, Monica and I joined up for the Eastern Sierra Velo club ride from Lee Vining out to Sagehen Summit along the south shore of Mono Lake.

Mary was in fine form.
The huge pumice flats were dotted with lupine.

Mary was all smiles at the summit.

Group photo with Hallie, Anne, and Mary.
James Wilson reaches the summit fully loaded (for touring).
Hallie cruises the pumice flats at high speed.
and Mary crests the last hill of the day with the vast Mono Lake behind her.

Perfect weather, light traffic, and grand scenery were enjoyed by all.

Thanks to ESV for putting on a real nice ride.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Porter's Last Hour

This last Wednesday was our dog, Porter's, last day with us.

He was quickly becoming weaker and weaker, he suffered from bloating, and he was unable to keep food down. His suffering had become too much and so we made the decision that every pet owner hates to have to make.

Our wonderful Vet was so kind to come to our home, so we were able to enjoy our last hour together on our lawn, with perfect temperatures and big puffy clouds on the horizon.
Despite his obvious discomfort he was a real trooper right to the end, enjoying the love and attention we were more than happy to heap on him.

Every pet is special. Yet those who knew Porter would all agree that he was an exceptional dog. A rescue dog who lived with gratitude and love every hour of every day.

We miss you greatly Porter.
Thank You for many many fine years.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tioga Pass

Cycling not skiing!

I joined Anne, Nemo, Hallie and Dori to ride into Yosemite National Park from the top of Tioga Pass.

Each year, just before the pass opens to auto traffic, the Park Service allows cyclists to ride into the park.

Anne was positively giddy about the ride.

There is still a ton of snow, most of which was just beginning to get sun cupped.Hallie and Nemo only a few hours after becoming engaged!
Dori stops for photos with Lembert dome behind.
Nemo descends near Olmstead Point.
Several nice small waterfalls were spotted along the way.
Dori and Domes!
The newly engaged enjoyed the warmth and the late Porter at the pass.
Lots of skiers up there too and the general consensus was the skiing was good, especially the north facing chutes.. Talked to some folks who reported the entrance to Solstice Couloir was easier than ever. Hmmm. Might have to think about strappin' on the sticks!