Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baldwin Cirque

This morning I joined my friends Anne & Stewart for a tour up McGee Creek to Baldwin Cirque.

The road is easily passable to the pack station and, with the right vehicle, all the way to the trail head.

The skies were generally clear first thing. Baldwin Cirque is the area farthest left in the sun with Mount Baldwin on the sky line.
The snow is nearly continuous up along the summer trail, but far from plentiful. Once we left the trail the first few hundred feet were a bit thin, but coverage was generally good higher. Rocks were definitely lurking all day though.

Stewart skins up into the cirque proper as the skies darkened.
Mt. Baldwin with a particularly attractive & burly couloir.
Owing to the lack of snow in the cirque we headed up and left at the entrance.
We skinned up the chute on the left here. The dark veins among the white limestone were particularly striking.
We reached the top of the chute as the weather worsened.

Anne side slips the firm snow in the entrance as Stewart skis below.
The snow was a bit wind affected and variable, but the skiing was decent enough to be considered fun.
A great locale I had not visited before, but hope to return to when there is more snow.

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