Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mammoth Lake Basin Skiing

Pretty much a broken record here, back to the Mammoth Lakes Basin where the both the snow quantity and quality are the best these days.

Saturday Nemo and I skied the TJ Lake/Bowl area.

Skinning up just below treeline.
Open slopes above treeline are pretty wind affected although decent skiing can be found here and there.
The "Four Spot" of Lakes Mamie, Mary, TJ and George.
Protected slopes below treeline are still skiing really well.

Me goofin'.
A hucker I am not.
Late afternoon saw some moody weather & scenes.
Backside of the Sherwins.
Sunday broke bright and clear.
Went for the highest trees I could find.

Once again enjoyed good skiing in protected glades.
I booted up this short steep chute to gain the upper ridge.
Where terrific views and decent skiing were found.
Cloud forming over Mammoth portends more snow.
Good times.

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