Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridgeport Mountain Biking

This weekend we camped and rode in the greater Bridgeport area.

Saturday we rode up up up the Masonic Road to the ruins of the Masonic town site, then down down down to the East Fork of the Walker River.

Brian C crests out.

Kathleen and Jim T near the top with the Sweetwater backdrop.

This area is filthy with old mining ruins.

 Jeff begins the long descent.
 The Masonic ruins.

We followed the ride up with a reviving cool down in the West Walker.

A revived Kathleen.

Sunday we rode from near the junction of 108 & 120 to  Kirman Lake, and eventually Poore Lake.

The scenery was fine right from the get go.

 Jim T surveys the scene at Kirman Lake.

Brian N takes a deserved breather at the top of one of the many short sharp kickers.

Mary nails the stream crossing
 and soaks in Poore Lake.

Leaving the low Poore Lake.

Brian, ever the gentleman, holds the gate open for Mary.

We topped that off with a fine splash into Lundy Lake.

Heaping helping of fun with the friends!

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