Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cyclocross Season!

I am back.

Been riding.
Not blogging.

I am in the midst of an incredibly fun cyclocross season.
Fun because I am stronger.
Fun because I have raced on some great courses.
Most of all, fun because of all the good people who race, cheer, jeer, and otherwise support me.

The Grass Valley race featured lots of vertical, ideal dirt, swoopy flowy lines, and challenging mountain bikey sections. The vibe at the Sacramento Cross Series races is great too.

Our local cross series has been a real hoot too. The races have been well attended by a whole lot of great folks. I truly appreciate their enthusiasm. The scenic (in parts) Wye Road course delivered smiles.

For a few years now I have wanted to head down to Camp Pendleton for Storm the Beach. Racing on the beach was a blast. Strong winds made for tactical racing while deep sand and steep hills added a good technical element too. 

Thankfully the snipers were cleared before the race began.
 Busting my move!

Our Benton Crossing Cross was held under all too ideal conditions. I keep scheduling this in late November hoping for snow and/or mud, but the last three or four have been sunny & warm. 

Bill threw down on the first lap and ran away.

The cavalry chased in vain - me included.

Leading the chase group.

Sucking wheel and a little dust through the badland section.

That is FUN!!

A couple more races left.
Then a whole lot of another kind of fun.


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