Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Cold Day In The Hills

Jumping whole hog straight into ski mode has been a bit hard on the body, so I took it easy this weekend. 
I did manage to get out for a short outing with Nemo Sunday.

I scooped him up early thinking we might be able to get back in time to view the U.S. National Cyclocross Championships.  

It turned out to the wrong day for getting out early.
-17 degrees F is about as crazy cold as I've ever experienced!

Fortunately it warmed up a bit as we climbed up. 

Probably was a balmy zero degrees on top.

Nemo noticed this interesting snow sculpture.
As the snow pealed off the stump it rolled into a nice spiral.

The snow in these north facing trees is still skiing great.

There was only an inch or two of new snow here, but the cold air and lack of sun has been keeping it soft.

I'll likely always remember this day.
The day I was dopey enough to ski when it was -17deg!!

Oh yeah.
To follow up.
We were able to catch parts of the cyclocross race streaming on Nemo's IPhone.
Real happy for every guy on that podium.
Page, Zach, and Driscoll ruled the tough, tough day.


swooshingCA said...

Man Scott looks like you really have been loving that little poke! Two buddies and I got out for something quite similar this morning -10 at our TH. There is something to be said for skinning in a down coat. I think we got deeper turns though!

forest becket said...

Lundy Canyon TR at 10 AM yesterday, no jacket required until near top of Gilcrest. Snowing at the beginning also with a strange Mono Lake cloud system. Variable conditions due to previous winds. Fun line though.