Friday, January 11, 2013

Rock Creek Dawn Patrol

Despite the frigid temps I rallied for my first "before work dawn patrol tour" of the year.
Watching the sun come up in the high country is amazing and inspiring.

A northwest wind was blowing over the ridges and peaks, but not much below that.
 The big wall above Patricia Lake was breathtaking.
Patricia Peak (I think) back right. Had to do a far amount of flatish skinning to get back in here, but it was worth it.
Attained the ridge just left of the pic above. Sporting some new/old backcountry sticks. Bought these Dynastars years ago for Tele skiing at the ski area. Put some inserts in 'em and now they're touring skis!
 Found real sweet skiing off the ridge in the peckerwoods.

Not surprisingly, some of the open stuff up high was wind affected. Shallow slabs were forming on east and southeast slopes up near the ridge. Not reacting (no cracks or collapses), but worth paying attention to.

Even the moraine below skied well. A sun crust has screwed up much of it, but northeast facing was still fine. Very subtle changes in aspect made a big difference!

Good one.

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