Monday, May 20, 2013

Eastside of Tinnemaha Reservoir

Saturday I rode the mountain bike from our house down to Big Pine then east to the base of the Inyo Mountains and south to near the dam on Tinnemaha Reservoir. Somehow, going somewhere I have never been by bike is enormously appealing to me, so I was excited to check this area out.

There are several nice spots on the way to Big Pine. 

The base of the Inyos from afar.

After a few miles of cruising on the pavement from Big Pine, the journey into the unexplored (by me anyway!) began.

The views across the valley to the Sierra were constantly pleasing.

I was surprised to find these silt badlands along the way which made for great landscape.

Mule Spring and mine.

At the turnaround looking back from whence I came.

The bike.

Recent rain seemed to have benefited the riding on the sand and silt and the Desert Plume liked it too.

The riding was real pleasant, the weather ideal, and the sense of exploration made for a wholly enjoyable experience.

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