Friday, October 4, 2013


A long break again.
Training for cross ain't all that exciting.
Racing cross on the other hand.....

For the third time my season started with Crossvegas. I typically have a hard time with the heat and my grass allergies. This year was no different, but I managed to come up with a second wind and pass a few guys towards the end.

The course designers improve the lay out every year, so it's actually a pretty fun race now with a lot of swoops and curves.

I managed to hang with a few little groups as the fast young punks rode away. With a little luck I avoided three separate crashes just in front of me, which easily could have messed me up pretty badly. The legs were mediocre, but the morale was good.

I gotta give huge thanks and praise to the largest cheering section in my race, the greatest of all was behind the lens taking these pics - my wife Mary!

We hung out for the thrill of watching the pro men and women battle. Nash was the queen and Nys was the king - which was fine by me as they are two of my faves. Here Nys and Trebon motor around the ramp.

Next up was our own Owens Valley underground cross. Thanks to Vegas, I still had a burnt throat and a funky cough, so I did full RD duties setting the course, flipping lap numbers, and taking a few pics.

Once again Simon and Bill battled for the win.

Cashore took the nasty run up in stride.

We were blessed with fine weather and views.

and bees. Which weren't too active thanks to the cool temps.

Next up for me was Down Town L.A. cross!

Found this pic of me on line. I am on the far left side of the pic.

I am racing in the 45+ A division, which is real competitive. I managed to have a good start, going into the first turn in seventh or so, but I had a hard time holding my position and gradually faded back from the main pack. I was pretty happy to hold my place the second half of the race, but I felt completely spent - which I guess is how you're supposed to feel racing cross eh?

I have no idea how I finished 'cause the results still aren't posted. Not sure they ever will be either as there was massive confusion during registration regarding the timing chips.

My congestion problems are subsiding along with the temps around here. I've had a couple of the best training sessions of the year, and I am ready for more.