Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Owens Valley Cyclocross #6

Sunday marked OVCX #6, back out at the Airport/Wye Road timber harvest zone.

The day brought fresh snow in the mountains, crisp air in the valleys, and a super fun course. What more could you want? Well, aside from moisture, it had everything you'd want!

My strategy was to start fast, crush the sand, and let the chips fall where they may. 

Here I am setting up for the log run over. The brand new Aerohead skin suit helped me be extra fast!

Nick rode his grandpa's Stumpjumper mountain bike. Unfortunately he broke the seatpost remounting during warm up and ended up riding essentially the whole thing standing up!

Near the beginning Bill led Simon in the chase.

BxCx wasn't far behind them. Here he is at the top of the mini wall.

Kegan rolled along in one of the prettier non devastated spots.

Simon lurked behind the whole race!

Simon placed the barriers right on the exit of the hairpin which Bill tackled in a unique reverse spin move. I can't say I ever figured out the best strategy here.

By mid race my lead had grown and I settled into a real nice groove.

Meanwhile Bill faded and Chris joined Simon in the battle for second. Which Simon won.

Hurting good!

Bristle, our dog, offered post race therapy.

I felt super today! Loved the sand. Loved the course. Loved winning.
Gonna take this good form to L.A. and get some results!

Thanks to Mary for the pics.
Thanks to all for coming out for OVCX!!!

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