Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sacramento Lange Twins Winery Cyclocross

Mary and I ventured over the Sierra for another round of the Sacramento Cyclocross series. This race was held at the Lange Twins Winery south of Sacramento. We were once again blessed/cursed with warm temperatures and dry, dusty conditions.

I got a good start, moving up from the back row to mid pack and held my position pretty well for a couple of laps. I lost a few positions mid race though as I perhaps rode too conservatively knowing the race was a full hour. I finished strong among the third and fourth place single speed racers who started a minute behind. Ended up 12th out of 14 in the 45+ A, but felt like result was better than the numbers might suggest. No falls, crashes, or mechanicals, and a solid effort except perhaps for the mid race lapse. 

It's definitely feeling like the form is on the uptick!

Climbing the huge ramp at the winery where the grape trucks drive up and empty their load into a big hopper at the start of the wine making process.

The backside of the course offered long, bumpy, motor sections near a nice oak forest.

Getting aggressive towards the end of the race.

The course was fun although not real technical. The crowd was loud and supportive which was really cool too. Cross = Good Times!

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