Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big Pine Single Track

I've heard rumors here and there of some nice trails down Big Pine way, so I rode from our house down the usual canals and power line roads in search of said trails.

Google Earth (what an awesome tool!) revealed what appeared to be two routes down from the large meadow below the Warren Bench. 

The ever pleasant meadow.

I rode the southernmost trail which was nothing short of terrific albeit pretty short.  A fence keeps out cattle and motor vehicles, so these are primarily hiking trails. Folks seemed to have put some real effort into buffing them out too.

Once to the bottom I found a little road/trail connector to the next trail north which rose up and over a little ridge. Here's the view north "from whence I came."

I got quite a little thrill over the "treasure hunt" aspect of the ride. The warm temps and lack of wind were pretty nice too.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Death Valley

Got a hankering to spend some time in Death Valley, as did my buddy Jim and GF Elysia, so we packed up the Scamp and hit it over the Martin Luthar King holiday. The main goal was to get in some mellow road miles, soak in some sun, and unwind a little.

Saturday we headed south from Badwater towards Jubilee Pass. The start was a little brisk, but the bright sun accompanied by a wonderful calm, warmed us up pretty quickly.

Here Mary and Elysia ride with the 11,000 feet of mountains behind them! 

The stark scenery is other worldly.

The good roads and lack of traffic were pretty sweet too.
Sunday Jim and I headed up the Dante's view road a good ways for some more spectacular riding.

We camped at Texas Springs which was nice and quiet too.

Fixin' dinner.

and some great time hanging by the pool.

On the way home Monday we headed up to Darwin Falls.
 A true desert oasis!

Just what the doctor ordered!

A little ski tour during a little winter (so far).

A few weeks ago I got the itch to try a little tour, so I went to one of the few places with enough snow.

Topped out on a small knob with decent views.

Back to bony Mammoth Mountain.

and the even more dry Minarets

took the new sticks out. well, kinda new. had em last season, but never got around to skiing them!

actually found a few nice turns here and there.

very few.
it was nice to get out though!