Thursday, February 13, 2014

South Fork Bishop Creek

Was wondering what the snow situation up South Fork way was, so I put on the XC skis and my old T3s and did a little wandering.

First off, forget about Table Mountain or any of the shots along the way to South Lake. It's patchy at best. In fact the road is driveable past the Tyee trailhead to the base of the grade up to Parcher's Resort. From there the road has good coverage.

It's a bit of a haul up to South Lake where I found this view.  Might be enough snow to ski Treasure Bowls, but might not.

Thrashed and flailed on ice, windboard, sun crust, wind crust, powder, and occasional rot and got up near Lake Marie Louise.

Hurd Peak has a ways to go, but the bowls in front could be ok.

Johnson w/ its couloir looking filled in alright.
 Unskiable Skier's Peak.

Probably the most hazardous skiing I'll do all year! Not life threatening hazardous, but the potential for mild to moderate injury was huge. Trying to rein in them skinny sticks was a real challenge. Lots of step turns, a few teles and a pile of "oh craps!"  Didn't go down, but it was plenty close several times.

Nice day, "fun" tour. Really need a couple more feet down here though.

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