Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Touring in the Town of Mammoth

With ski season in full effect we spent the weekend at my Mom's up in Mammoth and did a bunch of skiing!

Saturday we skied lifts and for some reason it just didn't click. The snow was dense, but pretty fun to ski. The crowds were thick, but not horrible, but I just wasn't rallying. Probably needed something a little wilder and quieter.

So Sunday I met Steve and headed up Punta Bardini. 

The summit is worth it for the views though not so much for the skiing as the first couple of hundred feet are pretty tight with trees and rock sharks looming.

Pyramid Peak.

Laurel Mountain looked like it might be skiable.

We were happy to find fun, light snow which was especially good at the higher elevations.

There were a lot of tracks, but by no means was it tracked out.

With a good skin track in we were able to get a couple of good long runs in. 

Monday I hooked up with Jed for a sweet little tour close to town. We rode the gondola up to the top of Mammoth, headed out past Dave's, past the wave, where we found real nice creamy snow. Had a good run all the way down the avy path. 

We were still just high enough we could traverse over to the Hole in the Wall. Snow was a bit thin in there, but I had not done it before, so I was pretty impressed with the setting.

Here's the route. Hole in the Wall is in the cliffs in the foreground with a little line of trees leading up to it.

Next we skinned past Twin Lakes and up to the trail to the top of the Sherwins.

Jed changed his outfit (he's writing gear reviews and likes to have pics) and was ready to ski.

We were treated to excellent skiing in nice woods.

Jed got a couple of me too. Thanks Jed.

Stayed off the big open terrain as depth hoar at the bottom of the snow pack is still in play.

Great stuff.

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