Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back to Bishop Bowl

Lacking imagination, I decided to give Bishop Bowl another go. Appropriately I felt pretty foolish about the decision whilst skinning in a few inches of new, fluffy snow over rocks and brush for the first 45 minutes or so.

I dubbed this "The Valley of Misery", although it was more miserable for my skis than for me personally! 

After another good stretch of slightly less miserable skinning the bowl came into view.

The skies alternated between bright blue and white veils with grand views of the valley.

The snow was deepest in the sparse glades with up to 18" of low density goodness.

I made it to the ridge just below the summit where I had to decide between a hike to the summit or an extra lap. An extra lap seemed like more fun!

Gotta include the views of Emerson and Paiute Crags from the ridge.

Great skiing!

Squiggles on the lower slope before a long, tedious exit.

My longest tour of the year thus far.
Fool's gold!

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