Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just Riding

I have the Whiskey 50 Mountain Bike Race coming up on 4/26, so I figured I ought to get a solid block of riding in to prepare. Plus, warm temps were creating "transitional" snow conditions with high freezing levels, so I wasn't as excited as I should be about skiing. 

Rode from the house down to McMurray Meadows. Lots of nice flowers.

Mts Tinnemaha and Birch would usually be premier ski destinations right about now. Ugh.

At the meadows proper.

Over towards the Birch Cr TH. Real nice descent from here.

 The view back on the way home.

Then a nice road ride with Mary.

Got excessively motivated watching Paris Roubaix and rode the road bike on a bunch of gravel real fast. Happy to be unhappy on the washboard and sand!

My personal Arenberg Forest!

Then some sweet semi-secret singletrack near the house. A couple of oh sh** moments are good now and then as long as you keep the rubber side down!

Feelin' good on the bike for this time of year. The silver lining on the drought/lack of snow black cloud.

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