Monday, December 22, 2014

Mammoth Lakes Basin Skiing

At last the ski season has begun! After a bout with a respiratory infection which cut my 'cross season short I was itching to get up into the mountains.

Saturday brought light snow, cool temps, and strong winds in exposed areas. Headed up above McCloud Lake and found just enough coverage for some fun skiing. There was a couple of inches of fresh snow over a dense, wet base.

It took a couple of runs to remember how to work them skis!

Love the glades!

Sunday I hooked up with Steve & Nick and skied up above TJ Lake.

Fortunately the strongest winds subsided before we reached treeline.

Up high the snow was variably wind affected, but still provided enjoyable skiing.

The mashed potatoes lower down, below 10,000', were a different story!

Great to be skiing, but we need a good couple of feet more to get the season going. At least the base is dense and well plastered.

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