Monday, January 19, 2015

Knobaineering in the Eastern Sierra

Knobaineering. Like mountaineering only smaller. It's all you can do in a dry year!

First it was up to Red Cone.  A nice little knob on the Mammoth Crest.

These glades provided the only pleasant turns of the day. Down to the PCT. The goal for the day was the prominent knob right of center.

Cruised the PCT for a bit. Thankful for the tree cuts in the blow down.

What do you know. A summit register!

A few well known Sierra knobaineers nabbed the first ascent! The first winter ascent for me!!
Dubbed Madesno presumably because the knob sits on the border of Madera and Fresno Counties.

Some nice views from the summit. Back to Mammoth.

Red Cones (foreground) and the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin

More great skinning. More horrible "turns."

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