Monday, January 12, 2015

Red Cones to Red Cone

Skinning for turns hasn't been real fruitful, so I turned to skinning for scenery. 

Saturday I headed out over Mammoth Pass to Red Cones then around the backside of the Mammoth Crest to Upper Crater Meadow and up to Red Cone Bowl.

One of the Red Cones.

I ran into acres and acres of this. Just an astounding number of trees were blown down in the wind event of 11/30/2011.

I've never been so happy to see a log cut! It took a moment to register, but the only reason to cut back here would be to clear a trail. No more tedious one mile an hour travel!

 Moving quickly again I shortly arrived at Upper Crater Meadow.

Then up a broad beautiful drainage for a good bit.

Right to the top of the Crest. Red Cone Bowl, Horseshoe Lake and Long Valley.

Red Cone Bowl skied poorly with a combination of windboard, breakable crust, and spongy snow - all covered with an inch or so of new snow. The trees below skied alright where there was ample coverage.

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