Monday, February 9, 2015

Duck Pass Tour

Took a short tour with Steve up to the Duck Pass area.

It appeared 8" to 10" of new snow had fallen before the snow level rose and rain prevailed. After the rain stopped, freezing levels dropped again so the whole mess tightened up pretty well. We were traveling on supportable rain crust all the way up to around 10,300'!

A second storm was developing throughout the morning, making for a good wintery mood.

The crust was firm, but not icy. Fast traveling!

Steve skates across Skelton Lake.

The turns were fun as long as the supportable crust remained supportable. Lower elevations in the trees was a bit dicey.

There were signs of instability. 

Seemed like the most problematic areas were in the higher, north facing trees where the faceted snow was still prevalent prior to the storm. We experienced numerous collapses (whumps) near and just below treeline.

Nice little leg stretcher.

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