Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jumbo Pass Day 1

We started the trip at the end of the plowed section of the Toby Creek Road up canyon from Panorama where we met Ted and Uoelke for a ride up to the Jumbo Pass trailhead.

Ted is a First Nation tribe member who had recently undergone chemotherapy for a large tumor in his intestine area. His energy and color had returned, but he brought his buddy Uoelke along to help.

They were two of the greatest guys you could ever hope to meet!

Ted readies his machine.

Uoelke gets it together.

 At the start Steve and I were towed while Anne rode along with Ted.

The first few kilometers were scary as we were moving right along on an icy, rutted track. Our legs were burning almost immediately!

After a couple of breaks and several kilometers the snow softened and the towing was much better.

Anne goes "no hands" while I tow behind.

We had a wonderful time chatting with Ted and Uoelke at the trailhead as we enjoyed hot tea and energy bars before the climbing commenced.

The skin track was instantly a solid challenge with plenty of steep, firm, and tight sections.

Higher up the views opened up.

The "Cabin Bowl" on the way in. The cabin is set near the line of trees far left skyline.

The Helis from RK Heliski were buzzing around all afternoon.

Lots of tracks as we neared the hut.

Almost there.

Anne enters the cabin first.

After settling in we went for an afternoon tour up the cabin bowl.

Fine views.

Back to the cabin.

Where we celebrated and enjoyed the amazing scene. 

Sipping a little wine in my evening attire.

Group photo.

Memorable stuff.

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