Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jumbo Pass Day 3

The third day brought a crisp, clear morning with a hint that a little new snow had fallen.

Distant peaks and glaciers at first light.

Right from cabin the skiing was noticeably better.

We quickly found an area with open glades where the new snow had accumulated nicely.

 Ego snow!

 So good we decided to lap it.

Lots of laps! This is the transition zone at the top.


The terrain was mostly cruiser, with a few steepish rollovers.

This Larch, dubbed "Papa Larch", was one of the landmarks we used to guide us through different open glades.

This is the view of Jumbo Glacier where developers seek to build a year 'round ski area. Hope it doesn't happen. Check out the advocates trying to halt it here.

 This is the view of our morning turns on the way back to the cabin.

Heading home.

I dig my new sticks!

We were all happily tired after a fine day of powder skiing.

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