Monday, March 9, 2015

Jumbo Pass Epilogue

In the weeks before our trip we had left Saturday open as a day of travel with the possibility of more skiing, but more skiing wasn't happening. We were beat!

We started the day at Kicking Horse Cafe in Invermere.

Ted, our snowmobile guide, had recommended a soak here. 

They do warning signs differently here.

The pools were a little crowded, but there was room for everyone. After soaking for a good bit our core temperatures were nice and warm, so we dipped in the icy river. The warm tingling sensation upon reentering the hot pools was great.

Terrific pools.

Back to Kicking Horse where the caffeine fiends fueled up for the drive to Calgary.

After the scenic drive we settled in to our hotel, watched some curling, and prepared for our long travel day back to the States.

Thanks Canada!

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