Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mountain Biking in the Hills

Been riding a ton which is generally not conducive for blogging.

However, on Saturday Chris, Rich and I adventured up above town on the mountain bikes, so I threw the camera in the jersey pocket.

The climbing up the Coyote Road begins with this sandy canyon which rode pretty well with after all of the recent rain.

Just above the canyon the road rises steeply. Chris and Rich motor along.

The first pitches are probably the hardest although there are plenty more to come. Chris rises.

Found a Horny Toad. Chris hypnotized the little dude.

Rich got a call from his realtor - he's got a new house!

Chris demoed the shop's demo bike. Loved it on the descent.

Beautiful day. Killer views.

Rich almost at the top.

The beginning of the descent. 4,000+ of singletrack!

Chris rested up for the big plunge - which he shredded with aplomb!

Danged fun!

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