Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rainforest Trail and Chesterman Beach

After several days of fantastic weather we woke to heavy rain which was ok by us since we haven't seen heavy rain in a long long time. We cozied up in our condo and watched it pour.

By around eleven o'clock the skies cleared, so we drove up into the Pacific Rim National Park and hiked the Rainforest Trail.

We picked the perfect time to visit as every little rivulet and small creek was full and flowing and the air was sharp and fresh.

The entire hike is on this boardwalk.

The plank for this bridge was hewn from one large tree.

 So lush!

At the recommendation from the great guy at Relic Surf Shop in Ukee we headed to Chesterman Beach where I body boarded and Mary walked.

The waves got better and better, there was no one else in the water, and the scenery was fantastic. One of my best days playing in the surf ever! 

Meanwhile Mary did a great job making friends and capturing the beauty.


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