Friday, May 1, 2015

Florencia Bay, Rocky Bluffs

The following day we got up early and paddled the SUPs on Ucluelet Inlet. Not wanting to risk taking a dunk with the camera, alas there were no pics taken. Suffice it to say it was real nice.

We regrouped at the condo. Had a second breakfast and headed up the coast to Florencia Bay for a stroll along the beach.

This island reminds me of a battleship!

More beach bliss.


We again hiked out to the Rocky Bluffs at dusk.

These blue creatures are velella velella or "Called by the wind sailor", closely related to jelly fish.

Amazing contrast with the green sea algae (or grass or ??).

We were hoping for a colorful sunset, but had to settle for this.

We weren't the only ones admiring the scene!

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