Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lake Davis, Lost and Found

I headed up to Lake Davis for some bike racing and to enjoy the beautiful scene up there.

The campground is adjacent to the lake, so I spent quite a lot of time gazing over the water, watching the birds, and relaxing.

Blessed to see Osprey diving for fish, Bald Eagles soaring, Pelicans cruising, and lots of Geese.

and Goslings!

Of course the main purpose of the trip was to ride the Lost and Found gravel race. Nearly 100 miles of dirt and gravel roads with a little pavement here and there. Pics from the course courtesy of Cyclocross Magazine.

This time I felt better than I looked at the finish!

This video captures the feel of the race very well click here
I show up at 1:44 and briefly at 2:45 in white/green/orange Eastside Velo jersey.

And another good video here

Got it done in 6:37, ten minutes faster than last year, 44th out of over 180 starters. Yep!

Mary came up Sunday after the race.

Took the paddleboards for a spin.

The weather changed from sublime to spectacular.

Love this place.
Love this race.

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