Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Boys Camp Out

Mary spent the better part of the week up in Virginia City drawing on her artistic talents at a water color class, so the boy and I went camping up near Mammoth.

I checked out the campgrounds at Big Springs and Glass Creek, but they proved to be a bit busy for my taste so I "boony" camped off the Owens River Road. 

Found a nice spot with some shade. B approved too (in front of door to the Scamp).

The small roads nearby were perfect for frequent strolls with the Beeper.

We took a short trip over to Big Springs to fill our water jugs, cool down, and soak in the lush scene.

When the going gets hot (108F in Bishop) I go for a high elevation mountain bike tour.

Started from camp and headed first to Little Sand Flat. Ritter and Banner in the back.

Mt Dana distant left and Mono Craters distant right.

The next objective was Sagehen Peak (left) via a short spell on Highway 120.

The lupine, like last week, were thriving, their scent positively intoxicating!

I left 120 and headed up to the peak on pleasant roads.

After this section among the Aspens I took a left up to the summit.

What views!

North to Mono Lake and the Sierra.

South to the Sierra above Long Valley.

To the southeast the White Mountains lurked in the slight haze.

More nice flowers. Fragrant too.

Next up was beautiful Crooked Meadow.

Green despite the drought.

One of the sweetest rides of the year.

Got back to Bristle and enjoyed the rest of the day with him.
Cool down walk!

Glad I got of out of heatsville!

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