Monday, July 6, 2015

Bodie and Soul

One more big ride before the Crusher. This time on the cross bike!

I got an early start from Bridgeport and rolled north on Highway 182 along the scenic East Fork of the Walker River crossing into Nevada shortly before leaving the highway for dirt.

Shortly after leaving the highway the road crossed the East Fork. The Sweetwater Mountains in the back.

 Further along, the road briefly rejoins the river in this beautiful stretch.

Mt. Grant among the morning haze.

Near the junction with the road up Bodie Canyon I stopped at Fletcher Spring to refill my bottles with fresh, cool water.

The long, steady climb up Bodie Canyon was a real joy.

Ruins under wild rose.

Arriving finally at Bodie. The finest ghost town in the Eastern Sierra if not the entire west.

After a brief stop to admire the ruins and enjoy the mix of European and American tourists I climbed up the Masonic road into the high country of the Bodie Hills.

Flowers were in pleasant abundance including this creamy lupine.

Real nice views up high.

and lush, high meadows.

The top of the long plunge down Aurora Canyon towards Bridgeport with the Sierra in the background.

Thankfully the road was well graded and quiet.

Eastside gravel bliss!

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