Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Weekend

Saturday evening I raced the Ezakimak (Kamikaze backwards) which started at the Main Lodge on Mammoth Mountain and finished at the top. Good "fun" with nice temps, clear air, and one of the most amazing sunsets I've seen in a while.

Battled for a podium spot, but ended up fourth which I was happy with. The strange thing about the race was that for 45 minutes I rode, pretty much in my own hypoxic world, then I finish and there's a full on raging party going on! Crazy.

I slept under the stars off a small dirt road near the Scenic Loop. Woke up and embarked on an entirely different sort of ride - long and easy.

Loved the spinning in the forest.

A little smoke was creeping into Long Valley early, but thankfully kept its distance.

On the gravel superhighway - Bald Mountain Road. Saw my first traffic here nearly three hours into the ride.

Up to Bald Mountain Lookout.

The view to the northwest with the mountains near Tioga Pass in the distance.

Home for someone once upon a time!

Looking out along the crest of the Glass Mountains

To the west with the Minarets, Ritter and Banner poking up behind the San Joaquin Ridge.

And to the southeast. Ugh.

After a quiet spell on the summit I meandered down to Big Springs for some fresh cool water.

Then spun back through peaceful forest to the truck.

A fine, relaxing birthday in the saddle.

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