Thursday, November 19, 2015

SLO Cross

Next up on the cross calendar was San Luis Obispo Cross.

Saturday went alright. The weather was warm and pleasant while the course was tight, grassy, and exceedingly bumpy in spots.

I out sprinted this guy on the line, but it turned out he was in the younger age group.

The next morning brought a brief, but intense downpour followed by light showers, and, eventually, some sun.

One of the several heinous bumpy sections.

What difference a day, and a bunch of rain  makes!

The course was way more fun.

And I felt a lot better too. I was real happy with my results - and way happy with the mud.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More Cyclocross

I've been doing what I do this time of year - racing cyclocross!

Cruised up to Truckee and raced in the Sagebrush series event there. 
Fun course with a downhill singletrack section in the woods, a long exciting stretch in the bike park, and the usual turny grass sections.

Ben made it up for the race too.
In his first ever "organized" cross race he took the win in the 35+ B category.

The next weekend I drove over the hills to Folsom for two days of big fun.

Saturday was Halloween. This guy was in the group in front of me. How he managed to get around the course is beyond me. The whole scene was downright festive.

Sunday's race was at always entertaining Lembi Park venue.

Which included this tricky downhill off camber section.

From another angle.

and this sand pit where I appear to be doing the hokey pokey with my bike!

The results were tolerably decent, but the form definitely is on the upswing for the coming races.
Stay tuned.