Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas in Altadena

Mary and I visited my Mom in Altadena for Christmas. Although the weather was fairly cool by southern California standards, the air felt pleasantly mild to us.

Christmas morning we took a walk in Mom's neighborhood. Apparently Santa had a rough night.

Perhaps the kids left him something stronger than cookies and milk.

Near Mom's house there is a great little trail leading down to Mallard Canyon.

The first section of the trail sees very light traffic, so the canyon has a pleasantly wild feel.

These chairs are ideally placed for soaking up the serenity.

A bit further up are some wonderful old cabins.

Continuing up is the beautiful Mallard waterfall.

There dry winters have kept the creek's flow low allowing a nice hanging garden to flourish. 

San Gabriel granite! Not as solid as Sierra granite, but solid enough for folks to put up a few climbing routes!

Nice to hike from Mom's front door!

We enjoyed Christmas with Mom tremendously. 

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