Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nevada State Championships

For the last race of the season Chris, Anne P, Ben and I headed up to Reno for the Nevada State Championships. No, we are not Nevada residents The race is open to all, but us Cali folks just can't be Champs.

I felt like a champ though. Got a great start, kept the pedal to the floor, and won by a comfortable margin despite getting a flat tire and changing bikes.

Ran the steps with authority.

Making a pass.


Top step! 45+Bs

Chris raced at the same time as me, but in the younger age group. He had just got this sweet jersey from his in-laws. Looking good!

Battling with his game face on.

He and the Reno Wheelman dude went back and forth the whole race.

The Reno dude won. Chris second.

Next up was Anne P racing Women's B. It was her first "organized" cross race ever. Boyfriend Ben gets the same shot, different angle.

Anne rallied to second in her category. Didn't get a podium shot as we were cheering Ben by then.

Ben raced the 35+As. We were eager to see how well he'd do since he's been killing us all at the local races.

Got a great start, looked to have a lock on second, then ended up with a flat and had to settle for third.

Really admired how hard he rode.

Gotta say, it was great great fun racing, cheering, and hanging out with this crew. Looking forward to cross season next year!

Big thanks to the Sagebrush CX guys for putting on a solid race too.

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