Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SoCal Cross Turkey Trot

I've been too busy racing, working, goofing off and not busy enough keeping up the blog.

The weekend after thanksgiving I raced down in Glendale at the SoCal Cross Turkey Trot. 

Getting focused before the start.

Maybe not focused enough though as I had perhaps my worst start ever. Not only could I not clip in, my foot slipped completely off the pedal! 

The course wasn't real conducive to passing so I took one too many risks trying to move up quickly and found myself tangled in tape.

I enjoy this course a lot. Plenty of turning and good ups, downs and swoops.

I did manage to regroup and ride solidly the rest of the race finishing 10th out of 27 in my category. The result was a little disappointing, but thems the breaks.

Afterwards Mary and Bristle rocked the doggy cross!

Saja and Soul were the class of the field.

Good fun all around.

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